Monday, 31 March 2014

Easy rag doll

I needed to make a rash doll in a hurry for a paediatric oncology patient who needed some serious cheering up and who really loves dolls so I designed my own very simple rag doll made from scraps from my stash. Watch this space for more details soon.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Stuck Violin Pegs

We had a totally insane amount of rain here in Roodepoort, South Africa, this March. The most rain we've had in 10 years. What with all the rain there has been an increase in humidity. My violin did NOT like this. I sat down to tune my violin before practising one Sunday and my tuning pegs wouldn't turn. A quick Google search helped me identify the problem but there was no practical solution. No way was I going to try and bang the peg out with a hammer.
So I sat down and had a good think in the car with the aircon running (trying to shrink pegs with cold air - didn't work) and then I had a light bulb moment. You know those little silica gel sachets they put in vitamin bottles to stop the vitamin pills absorbing moisture?
So I raided my tissue salts, my vitamin bottle and my dog's glucosamine supply and managed to find 5 little sachets. I put them in my violin case near the pegs and left my violin in the closed case for about 8 hours. The sachets absorbed enough moisture to allow my peg to turn a bit. I couldn't get it to tighten the string but I managed to loosen the string, pull the peg out a bit and then tighten the string again.

The disgruntled violin