Monday, 7 October 2013

Topsy turvy knitted doll

I made a topsy-turvy doll ages ago and it's been sitting on my spare bed in a plastic packet while I contemplated what to do with it. Then one of the girls I work with decided to pledge for santabox shoebox thingy where you fill a shoebox with (specified) presents for an under privileged child. So I donated my doll.
I'm quite proud of her - she took me quite a while to knit and I made a witch on one side and a princess on the other side.

So this post is just really to show off and to preserve the pics of my doll (which took me months of knitting on and off).
A topsy-turvy doll is a doll with two heads and long tube for a body.

I got the pattern from:

Knitted Toys by Jean Greenhowe published by Hamlyn in 1989
I bought the book second hand years ago.
I made the dolls' wigs using : Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards and Fairies (with outfits and accessories) by Annette Hefford (published by Search Press in 2010)

The Princess:

OMG - please excuse the dirty bed linen in the wash basket - I only saw it now!
The Witch:

I put a bit of hat elastic on the witches hat and tucked it under her hair to keep the hat on.

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