Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Scrub Cap

So I'm working in a new hospital and I've been placed in the burns unit. We get to stretch the patients in the theatre while they're anaesthetised but we have to wear those horrible disposable theatre caps while the surgeons and anaesthetists look glamorous in their designer scrub caps.

I also dislike the disposable cap cos it makes my hair go yucky and sweaty. (its like 36deg Celsius on a good day in theatre. before the operating lights are switched on.)

I googled until I thought my fingers were going to drop off looking for a free pattern and then I came across this awesome page: Chez Vies

This lady made a beautifully simple pattern for what she calls a hijab inner but what I've used as a scrub cap.

It took me 20minutes - and I even took the time to press the tie bands.
me having a really blotchy skin day!
and obviously hair will be tucked in when in theatre
Side view
back view - the lumpy bit is my pony tail tucked into the cap
the photo's aren't the greatest but its pretty tricky taking pics of the back of your own head!
I found the printed cotton in my stash so this whole thing cost me nothing! :)

This shwe shwe fabric is quite fashionable locally so doctors - eat your hearts out!

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