Sunday, 13 October 2013

Imitation woolworths headband

Headbands seem to be the fashion where I work - I think its because I work in a hospital and a lot of us have long hair. We have to keep our hair tied back. I have my favourite headband that I bought from Woolworths. I examined it very carefully and decided to make a copy.

The blue one is the shop bought one

So here is the "pattern":
Basically it's a rectangle 20cm by 36cm (8in by 14in)
and then the ties (I've  allowed for a 1cm seam allowance)

You need to cut four ties with the fabric folded right sides together. So you cut the pattern piece twice.

You should end up with this:

Take the rectangle and make narrow hems on the long sides.

Now make a whole bunch of pleats:

Sew the ties leaving the short straight edge open:
Snip the sharp edges of the tie.

Turn the ties right side out. I use a chopstick to push the corners out.


Fold the raw edges of the open edges in and press
Tuck the pleated ends of the main piece into the open end of the tie and pin:

 Sew to secure, going over it a few times:

Repeat on the other side.
And there it is: an imitation Woolworths headband!

I made another headband but I used wavy pleats this time:

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