Thursday, 29 August 2013

Blind hem stitch using a sewing machine

Ok, so sometimes you want to make a blind hem, especially for clothing that is on the smart side. No way am I hemming by hand. My singer (don't ask me the model number - I've forgotten) has a blind stitch mode.

To get started you need:
bright contrasting cotton for tacking
cotton that matches your fabric
a blind hem stitch sewing machine foot

To make the hem:
Pin your hem in place. I was shortening pants and was too lazy to cut the fabric so I just made I really wide hem which is why there's stitching visible in this pic

Tack your hem in a long straight stitch with contrasting cotton. I have a cheap reel of red cotton I keep especially for tacking

Change your sewing foot to the blind stitch sewing foot.

Set your machine for blind stitch
now here's the tricky bit
Start with your tacked hem

you're going to stitch on the underside of the hem

So what you have to do is to fold back the hem towards the right side of the garment so that the little bit of underside of the hem is free and not touching anything else

Make sure that your "blade" on the foot is on the fold and stitch.

I tried to take this pic to demonstrate how you fold the hem.
After that you just remove the tacking and you're done - just press your hem with an iron to give it a good finish. Being the genius I am, I forgot to take a pic of the finish product.

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