Thursday, 11 July 2013

Idiot-proof pastry nibbles

I loathe buying readymade finger food for office parties (or any parties for that matter). It’s expensive for what it is, goodness knows what’s in it and let’s face it: homemade tastes better.

I have an idiot-proof recipe for emergency finger food. Puff pastry pinwheels. You can keep the ingredients in the freezer and store cupboard for months and it takes minutes to prepare.


1.       Frozen puff pastry (any brand will do)

2.       Grated cheese (I grate mine and store it in an old margarine tub in the freezer)

3.       A jar of pesto (it can be any type – I used basil this time but sundried tomato is also good)

4.       A jar of pine nuts



·         Turn on oven to 200°C

·         Open the roll of puff pastry

·         Spread the pesto over the pastry

·         Sprinkle the cheese and pine nuts over the pesto


·         Roll the pastry up tightly (roll it up the short length of the pastry)

·         Cut into 1 cm thick discs

·         Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper

·         Bake for 25 minutes

·         Et Voilá!


My dog wanted to help and was edging very close to the invisible line that she may not cross into my kitchen area.

I know my posts haven’t been very exciting but I have just started a new job and things are a little bit hectic at the moment.

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