Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hair Scrunchies

Scrunchies are slightly harder to make than what they look. Not nuclear physics hard but there's a trick to making the loop, as I discovered after one botched attempt. I googled it and found a brilliant tutorial on ikatbag. I had this darling quilting fabric leftover from another project and have been meaning to use it for headbands but this seems more practical and useful.

So here is the result:
I made five (only because I didn't have enough elastic to make more)
This was my favourite fabric. I was going to make a headband with it but I reckon I'll get more use from the scrunchies.
It was a bit tricky to take a photo of the back of my head!
For people for use the metric system (like me), you will need the following:
  • rectangle of fabric 40cm x 10cm
  • length of elastic 17cm ( I used 0.5cm wide elastic)
Follow ikatbag's instructions for making the scrunchies. I used hand stitching to slip stitch the hole closed so it would be invisible and because it was scrap fabric and the elastic was R1.50 it was R0.30 a scrunchie.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wallet made from Noodle-head's tutorial

I made my friend Paul, in the UK, a wallet for his birthday. I used the excellent tutorial from noodle-head.

I could have made it fancier with a snap to close it but I like how it came out. This is like super easy and took me twenty minutes, if that.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Quick Easy Pasta

So I had these mushrooms that were about to go off. I made this quick easy pasta so as not to waste food:

Okay, so its not the prettiest dish but it is yummy.

Cooked pasta
Small tin of tomato paste
1 cup of vegetable stock
Onions (optional)
Garlic (optional)
Seasoning - I used dried herbs
Mushrooms or any other appropriate cooked veggie (like peas, cooked diced carrots, sweetcorn etc)
Olive oil

  1. Cook veggies separately (I sautéed the mushrooms in olive oil)
  2. Heat some olive oil in a pot and sauté onion and garlic if using
  3. Add tomato paste and vegetable stock and seasoning
  4. Add veggies
  5. Simmer until sauce reduced to how you like it 
  6. Mix it with the pasta and enjoy
This is a good recipe for using up left over veggies and is quick enough to do on a week night - you might even have some left over for the next day's lunch, like I did.