Thursday, 16 May 2013

Peg bag from an upcycled T-shirt

So it was Mother's Day last Sunday. Being a bit strapped for cash at the moment I decided to make my mom a pegbag. I've been saving an old tshirt for this for a while but just hadn't got around to doing it. I suddenly had an idea on how to do the slit where the pegs are put in.

First you will need:
  • An old tshirt
  • some scrap fabric (non stretch)
  • some scrap interfacing

Sew up the arm holes and cut off the sleeves

Iron the interfacing onto the back of the scrap of fabric and onto the WRONG side of where you want the slit to be .

On the scrap fabric on the interfacing side draw the following:
  (Please disregard the drawing on the actual peg bag, I made a mistake. Happily I realised it before I cut the fabric!)

Turn the tshirt so that the right side is on the outside. Pin the scrap of fabric to the tshirt RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Try to align the interfacings as closely as possible.

Stitch along the solid lines of the rectangle (please refer to diagram above, NOT the photo of the actual tshirt).

Cut very carefully along the dotted lines, taking care not to cut into the stitching.

Turn the scrap fabric thru the slit which you've just cut. It should look something like this:

 Press the slit and topstitch around the slit. You can also stitch around the edge of the fabric scrap to make things more firm. Just use a colour that matches the tshirt because it will show on the right side.

 Sew the bottom of the tshirt closed and turn right side out, hang it on a hanger and voila - you have a peg bag!

This would probably work better with a child's tshirt or you could cut the tshirt shorter but my mom has a thing about pegs so I think she'll like the big bag.

This is my first proper sewing/upcycling tutorial so if something isn't clear please let me know and I'll fix it.

Happy upcycling!

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